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Ineluki Befehlsliste
Ineluki ist der s.g. Bot des Kanals. Er verteilt den OP Status und eniges mehr. Er ist eigentlich immer im Kanal und versteht die foldenden Befehle:

/MSG Ineluki ADDHOST <password> <hostmask>
This lets me recognize you from a new hostmask.  You must use your password (the one you set with PASS) so I know it's really you. The hostmask you tell me must not match any existing ones.

/MSG Ineluki INFO [password] [channel] [an info line]
Whatever you set as your info line will be shown when you join the channel, as long as you haven't been there
in the past three minutes.  It is also shown to people when they ask the bot for WHO or WHOIS. You may set an info line specific to a channel like so:

/MSG Ineluki INFO mypass #channel This is my info.
Or you may set the default info line (used when there is no channel-specific one) like so:
/MSG Ineluki INFO mypass This is my default info.
/MSG Ineluki INFO [password] [channel] NONE
This erases your info line.

/MSG Ineluki WHO <channel>
This will show you a list of who's on that channel right now, and each person's info line (if they have one).

/MSG Ineluki IDENT <password> [nickname]
This lets me recognize you from a new address. You must use your password (the one you set with PASS) so I know it's really you. If you're using a different nickname than you were when you registered, you'll have to give your original nickname too.

/MSG Ineluki VOICE <password> <channel>
This will tell me to voice you on the channel if I have ops and you don't have a voice, and I monitor that channels voices.

/MSG Ineluki WHOIS <nick>
This will give you information about someone else I know, including his or her default info line, email address, when they were last on the channel, and if they are an op or master.

/MSG Ineluki PASS <password>
This sets a password, which lets you use other commands, like IDENT. Ops and masters: You need a password to use ANY op or master command.
/MSG Ineluki PASS <oldpass> <newpass>
This is how you change your password.

/MSG Ineluki OP <password> [channel]
This will tell me to op you on any channel where I have ops and you don't. If you give a channel name, I'll just op you on that channel.

/MSG Ineluki GO <channel>
This makes me leave a channel if I'm not a channel op. (It's useful for regaining ops.)

/MSG Ineluki KEY <password> <channel>
This will send you the key for a channel that is +k and possibly also invite if it is +i (if I'm on that channel).

Admin: Marcus A. Hofmann email:


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